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24K Ornate Hand Made Hinged Bangle with Safety Chain

24K Ornate Hand Made Hinged Bangle with Safety Chain

SKU: 20135-17

Incredible 24K ornate hand made hinged bangle with a diamond cut swirl design. Beautifully made with durable flat tab clasp and a safety chain for added security. The diamond cuttings reflect light radiantly at all angles ensuring that the bangle will get noticed. This is definitely a show piece!

Item Specifications:
– 24K ornate hand made diamond cut bangle
– Measures 65.8 mm or 2.59″ outside diameter
– Measures 53 mm or 2.08″ inside diameter
– Width is 21.75 mm or .856″
– Please make sure the bangle will fit over your hand. Measure a piece of string to the 6.53″ circumference, tie the ends and try fitting over your hand. Remember the bangle is round and not oval in shape.
– Approximate weight of 78.32 grams (weighed on government certified scale)
– All jewellery is professionally cleaned and polished