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Payment policy

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Renewal payments can be made by CASH, MONEY ORDER or E-TRANSFER if the following criteria are met. Credit cards are not accepted for any payments or redemptions on loans.

Money Order by mail:

1.You may mail us a money order for the fees only if you are unable to make the payment in person.

2.Include a self-addressed stamped envelope (to return your new updated ticket to the correct address.)

3.We will not accept a money order for amounts over the fees owing. If you wish to pay more than the monthly fees please send a E-TRANSFER


1.Send the full amount of the interest owing (and any amount in $5 dollar increments you wish to lower you loan by) plus $3 for postage and handling fee to mail you a new receipt with the up dated information. e-mail your e-transfer to sales@oldngold.com.

2.The E-TRANSFER security question is: What do we love? Answer is Value

3.Please make sure we have your correct address on file as this is where we will send your new receipt.

4.If you are unsure on what to send please call us with your loan number at 250-361-1892 and we will let you know the correct amount to send.

5.If money is received beyond the 3 days of grace the next additional month’s interest will be added before any principal amounts can be lowered.

Old ‘n’ Gold reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of this service at our discretion.

If a loan is in default and a payment is sent without authorization, the payment will be refused. Please call us first with any questions 250-361-1892