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Buy Gold or Silver bullion in Victoria BC

Looking to buy gold or silver bullion bars or coins in Victoria BC today?

YES!! We do sell certified 1oz gold bars and 1oz gold coins. In Fact When you buy 2oz of gold or more from us you get the best price in Western Canada without having to buy 100oz or have over $100,000 to invest!*

There is no denying that in these uncertain economical times many smart individuals are turning to the security of buying gold or silver bullion bars & coins. Investors are making money as the value of gold and silver bullion climbs or using bullion to hedge against inflation, or the possibility of hyper-inflation.

gold bullion

In Victoria BC it is difficult to find a good price when buying gold or silver bullion from local dealers. Even the big banks want to charge you premium prices plus shipping and handling fees.  Not to mention the fact that some banks want you to pay them in USD funds which means they make more money from the currency exchange.

Keep in mind there is also little privacy when buying gold or silver bars and coins from the banks, as they have detailed records of who they sell to. Often the banks will also “suggest” a consultation to see if it’s in your best interest to invest your money in gold or one of “their financial products” instead.

When purchasing from us you do not have to worry about loss from shipping, insurance fees, buying from someone you have never met or ordering from a website. At Old ‘N’ Gold you can simply cash and carry.

By the way… There is No Tax in Canada on Gold or Silver bullion when bought in bar or coin form of  certified .995 purity or higher (.9999).

How competitive are we on gold?

Well, if you shop the major players in the bullion Market like, kitco.com, bordergold.com. or your favorite bank you will find quite a price difference.

We found the best price consistently to be from bordergold.com. The best price you can buy gold bullion is in bar form. Gold Maple leaf coins (Royal Canadian Mint) carry roughly a 1% premium over gold bars. However when you sell maple leafs in the future you will get most of that premium back.

Right now when you buy 2oz of gold or more at Old ‘N’ Gold (in stock only) we will match the low Border Gold +100pc order price! Yes that’s right, you can buy gold bars and coins at a the best bulk price in western Canada with out having to buy in large volume.

When you are investing in gold please make sure that you purchase certified .9999 bars or coins that are “recognized”.  Recognized gold bars will be stamped by such manufacturers as JM, Credit Suisse, Engelhard, Pamp, Royal Canadian Mint and so on.

(WARNING: Fake gold and silver bars are in circulation… If you are buying New or “circulated ” gold or silver from any dealer please make sure they use a “specific gravity” or XRF tester to make sure the gold is real. We do have a specific gravity and a XRF tester and check every piece before we buy and are more than happy to do the test with you when you invest!)

If you are looking to invest in your future, and get in to the market at the best price possible give us a call today at 250-361-1892.