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About us

Not all Jewellery stores are created equal… Our manager Brian Kotila is a wealth of knowledge. Unlike most jewellery stores that only have highly trained sales staff, we brought in a certified gemmologist who not only got his hands dirty digging up gems but loves teaching others about the sparking jewels that bring pleasure to our lives.


Brian Kotila, Manager – Fully Licensed Gemmologist.B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science, Geologist)

F.C.Gm.A.(Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association) F.G.A.(Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain)

Since 1998 Old ‘n’ Gold has been a unique business to Victoria’s diverse experience. After spending over 10 years on Antique row we found ourselves out growing the location. We have relocated to a 3700 sq ft location at 706 Fort St. at the corner of Fort and Douglas. Neighbouring the Dutch bakery, Cactus club cafe and across the street from the Royal Bank main branch.

Old ‘n’ Gold offers a unique experience of Antique, Vintage and collectable jewellery as well as modern design rings and chains. Being one of Victoria’s largest gold buyers we offer a unique service of accepting trades of old or broken jewellery towards new purchases. This has given people the opportunity to get great value for items that are no longer worn or desired.

We welcome all questions and enjoy sharing information and educating our clients on the changing times of gold and jewellery.

We are one of Vancouver Island’s largest Gold Buyers; do you have a fundraiser or event where we can help by doing a gold buying event? We would love to talk to you about how we can help and give back to the community.